Monday, December 14, 2009


Mr. 16 graduated from Year 10 last week. The photo above was taken at The Nepean River just before his celebratory formal dinner. All of his classmates were out of their usual head-to-toe school uniform. I hardly recognised any of them. The girls looked a little older than usual, the boys a little younger; all looked beautiful, innocent.

Mr. 16. driving to the venue (with Learner's plates firmly attached to the car!):

Beneath the cool exterior he was cooking: it was 38 degrees celcius!:

Mr. 16 strikes a 1940's-style pose:

Proud sister and brother:

A group shot:

Loving Aunty:

Proud Dad:

Doting Mum:

One of Mr 16's best mates ended the night singing That's Amore and all joined in with a sing-along:

I wish every one of these lovely people all the very best in their chosen path, be it a further two years of senior school study (as in Mr. 16's case) or a new start in their future career.

Bless you all, Class of 2009.


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