Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have written over 42,000 words of my Present Book. And I have reached somewhat of a stalemate. I have so many ideas about ways I want to approach the structure of my book but I don't know which way to turn. Right now the easiest thing to do would be to leave it for a time and maybe just check in on it once in a while. Gosh, I have even considered a Fantastic New Book Idea (and, I admit, I've written around 150 words towards it...and I've collected some pictures...and I think about it often, too often). But, as Andrea of once noted, another new book idea in the midst of a present book is like having an affair. And I do feel bad, I really do, but I really am desperate. In the end though, sense will prevail. I know I can't leave Present Book in limbo. So, I have printed out all that I have written so far. And it sort of feels like I have reached a milestone; that is, I have a thick-ish wad of paper. But where to next?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fancy a Thai resort...

...or a cold Sydney winter?

The air is so fresh.
Standing on the crispy grass with the sun on your back.
 It doesn't get much better than this (for me!).
I love Sydney in the winter.


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