Thursday, November 26, 2009


My baby brother and his beautiful wife now have their own baby, a handsome little boy whom they named Karim, after our Dad (whose 69th Birthday was yesterday).
Below is a little poem I wrote and have dedicated to the newest member of our extended family, baby Karim.


The world is your oyster
You are so young, so new,
You will have much to offer it,
And the world, you.

I see you traversing
Its extraordinary lands,
Countries and cities,
Farms and fields.

I see you climbing
Its dizzying heights,
Mountains and valleys
Plateaus and alps.

I see you sailing
Its vast, great seas
Rivers and oceans,
Antarctic to the Nile.

But most of all,
May you grow to be,
Like your namesake,
So generous, so skillful
Fun-loving and kind.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Job colours

Prison greens:

Hospital Blues - maybe this Doctor can cure your blues (or rather, freak you out):

Surgical greens:

Chef Whites:
What next...
Bank 0fficer's Beige?

Teacher's Tartans?

How about Secretary's Scarlet?
Can you make any suggestions?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Will a brick wall work magic?

Do you hit one of these often? No, not head-on, smack-bang-into-the-middle-of-a-brick-wall-leaving-you-with-a-bleeding-forehead sort of hit (tempting as that may sound) but, metaphorically speaking.
I feel like I have.
My words are all clogged up, rammed into the backs of each other, in the deep chasm that is my mind. I have paper, I have pen, I have laptop. But nothing gels no matter how hard I try. Somewhat ironic that my jumbled-mind has hit an ordered and neatly structured object. Maybe the force of the impact will somehow throw all the words, that are waiting to be written, into the air where they will miraculously work themselves out and settle into perfectly structured sentences one after the other, waiting to exit via the conveyer belts that are my hands and the motor that is my mind?
On the other hand, perhaps a bout of cake baking and house cleaning (in that order, please) are the solution?
We'll see.

Honest Scrap about Me

Tell 10 honest things about myself.

Pick 10 honest bloggers to pass it on to.

Boots from
two cats in the yard, was the lovely blogger who chose to share this with me! I will break one little itty bitty rule and that is rather than choosing 10 bloggers, I ask you to please copy and paste the details if you would like to participate.

10 Honest Things about me (in no particular order):

1. I am ambidextrous, a trait which a year 10 teacher told me is shared by dyslexics; I have since then always wondered if I am one but am hesitant to get it checked out, not that it would make any difference.

2. My paternal grandmother taught me to crochet and knit when I was three; I still remember how to do both.

3. I have never had a manicure or a pedicure and I am often reminded by those who have them what a great thing it is I am missing out on.

4. I love to cook but can get a little obsessed with one recipe if it proves popular...and then it isn't so popular!

5. I cherish time I can spend on my own thinking/making notes about all the books/plots I want to write...

6. I am woman enough to admit that I can get very passionate (bordering on the visceral) about the things that I deeply believe in.

7. I love Spring cleaning...(sick mind = sick habits!)

8. I have an obsessive compulsive streak and have been known to return home to check that the oven is off and that the doors are locked and to check that the oven is off, again...
9. My dear hubby and I never really had a honeymoon but plan to change this next year...Paris, here we come!

10. I love dunking my biscuits into my coffee, and then spooning up the soggy remains at the bottom of the cup - only if I am alone of course! And, you will definitely not be seeing me do this at the bottom of Le Tour Eiffel!

Thank you Boots and to You for reading.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Like a spider weaving its glistening web

In preparation for what is to come,

Like an excited couple

In anticipation of their special day,

Like a patient mother-to-be

Counting down to the day of birth,

Like a naive child

On Christmas eve,

Like a potential author with a deadline in their hand...

I am jittery, I consider, I start to type...

I log on to my blog.

Why is it that the longer away I am from my blog, the more difficult it is to start again?

I wait for my friends for I have missed them. I long to visit their blogs too, and will.

Can't wait!

The photo above was taken by me on the morning after my husband went away for a few days with our youngest son, Mr. 7 . This is a habit we started with our eldest son where we each spend one-on-one time away with one of our children at some stage of their development (admittedly it has only happened a couple of times so far with Mr. 16 and only once with Miss 12., but they remember these breaks away so distinctly). It is a little hard for the parent not away, but well worth it in the long term, we believe.

Do you do something similar with your loved ones?


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