Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's still me

Picture is of our son, one day before surgery, back and shoulders slouched, for the last time. Poem is by him as well, aged 14, written a few weeks after his first surgery.

It's still me

I had a slight problem in my back
Now it's bending that I lack
I gained a couple of centimetres
I lost blood in litres
I used to be able to sway
Now the metal's here to stay
I am getting ready for the second Op
And hopefully my problem will stop.


Anna said...

Habibi smallah have i ever told you that your son smallah is so so so handsome yikzil3ane smallah. When moumou read the peom to me it make me cry and yet again im crying. I love Moumou mwah

The Writing Instinct said...

Thank you so much. You know he loves you too and so do I.

Anonymous said...

it was amazing to read through all your blogs about your son. I found about your blog through the My Hijab Plus today and read all your blogs about your son one after the other. I myself will be having a knee surgery soon and am really nervous about it. I really enjoyed your blogs and may Allah give everyone a full and fast recovery. Your son will always be in my prayers. May Allah bless you for him and vice versa ^_^


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