Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Imagine your arms up in the air
You will not resist, you will not argue
Let the processes surrounding you carve your day

Let your mind be free
Let what is to be, be
No worries, no opinions, no concerns

And feel your tense nerves unravel
To not be in control
Not even for a little while

Listen to nothing
See everything
Taste that sweet freedom
of Surrender.
Copyright: Mervat @ The Writing Instinct


lakeviewer said...

You put us in a great mood with this one.

♥ Braja said...

Beautiful Mervat...I am an aspirant of the process of surrender, and your poem meant more to me than i can explain....

♥ Braja said...

Ahh, I couldn't resist...your my daily jewel for Tues/Wed... :)

Warren Baldwin said...

Very good. Have you published a book of poems? Reading this one relaxes you. wb

Suko said...

Poetess Mervat, I surrendered to the beauty of your poem (if only for a few moments).

septembermom said...

Gorgeous, Mervat! Such lovely feelings arise after reading this wonderful poem.

elena-lu said...


Kayleigh said...

Gorgeous, multi-layered with meaning...and so darned hard to do, lol.

I am printing this out to put on my fridge, to be a much needed reminder.

Just beautiful!

malekat_el7oriya said...


Kathy B! said...

Came over via Braja...

What beautiful poetry. The concept of surrender is so simple and yet such a struggle. You've captured the essence well.

Anonymous said...

I do this, but never often enough, so thank you for the reminder. ~Mary

G. Coppard said...

Beautiful. I am so there... or wish I was anyway.

lunarossa said...

Wow! So inspiring and relaxing at the same time. So beautiful. Thanks, Mervat! Ciao. A.

Polly said...

Hello, I found your blog via Braja's.

this is a beautiful poem. and just what I needed to hear today, it's been pretty intense here and I've been worrying too much. your poem is the answer

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Stopping by from Braja's...

That is absolutely beautiful. Love it!

Janie said...

This is beautiful and such good advice for those of us frazzled in the attempt to keep up with too-busy lives.
Your photo is a great illustration of "surrender", too.

Mervat said...

lakeviewer: I am glad. Thanks.

♥ Braja: Thank you so much. It is a wonderful surprise to me that my words could mean so much to you.

And I am honoured to be your Jewel link. Thank you.

Warren Baldwin: No I have not published anywhere other than in blogger! Your query in itself is such a compliment. Thank you.

Suko: Thank you. I wish you the ability to surrender to peaceful moments often.

septembermom: Thank you so much.

elena-lu: Thank you!

Kayleigh: I think the main point for me is that it is very hard to just go with the flow and to be calm. Much much more difficult than I thought it would be, but once there you truly feel a massive release of stress.

I am honoured that you are printing this out.

malekat_el7oriya: Thank you so much.

Kathy B!: Welcome! Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words.
The concept of surrender is certainly a struggle, but once you are there, there is nothing like it...

FrankandMary: Wishing you many moments like this.

G. Coppard: Thank you. As difficult as it is, it's so worth it though.

lunarossa: Thank you very much Antonella!

Polly: Welcome to you. Thank you. I am glad this poem can help in some way. Hope your worrying and stresses dissappear.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick): Welcome!! Thank you so much for visiting and your words.

Janie: It is nice to be able to just sit back and let the forces of nature do their thing every once in a while. Thank you for visiting.

The photo was taken recently on our holiday to the East Coast Beaches of Australia. We had gone for a long walk and in pausing for breath I saw this view.

Printemps said...

This is beautiful...Surrender, the very essence of love!

Thanks for your encouraging help ...Mervat and I thank you again for visiting my blog.


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