Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I don't want you anymore

We had a passion like no other,
You were my first
And could have been my last,
But alas, that was not to be.

Your scent once sent me wild with desire
Now off-putting, nay revolting even
Your sweet tenderness overflowed from your oh so soft heart,
Now all I feel is gut-wrenching pain, misery

Early on in our relationship,
I needed from you only the very basic and simple
Pure white sweet nourishment, love
Oh you gave that to me, more.

As the years went on
Our love progressed
To something so sophisticated
So deep, rich.

To think that you were there
So early and for so long
I would not admit the pain you caused
I could not deny myself the pleasure, of you.

But now after years,
I know and accept
I cannot let myself be tortured
I release myself of all the hurt, deception.

I can live without you,
I have moved on
There are others although not you,
Valid replacements, acceptable, they will have to do.

You have just read about my love and loss with all things containing lactose: milk and every single variety of cheese and their by-products.
Forgive me, dear friend, if I led you to believe otherwise... ;)


notSupermum said...

And there was I wondering who the subject of the passionate prose was! You got me there Mervat.

boots said...

ha you got me! but a poem like that for milk well you mustve really loved it.

see you there! said...

Relief! Better lactose intolerant than husband intolerant, LOL! I'd have an awfully hard time giving up cheese tho.


septembermom said...

I would miss my milk too! I enjoyed reading this one.

Suko said...

The tip off was "Pure white sweet nourishment"--I knew there would be a twist to this poem! :>)

lakeviewer said...

There must be a cure for us when we become lactose intolerant. Tell me there is a cure.

Spencer L Casey said...

dammmitall.... got me. I'm such a sucker. I read that last line and thought, oh, the writer has settled for a less passionate affair.

Well done, no matter the subject.



Anonymous said...

Very funny! Love the twist. I wrote a similar type of poem to my job, after I was laid off last year. For some reason poetry seems the best form to express that particular type of wrenching loss, LOL.

(And thank you so much for your kind words about my post on LBR's blog!)

Jillien said...


poet said...

Oh dear... this was starting to make me seriously sad, and I was preparing to write an advice column - worthy comment along the lines of "you know, you can pull through even a serious relationship crisis, I've tried and succeeded..." but seeing that this is about lactose intolerance, I can only offer advice for tweaking recipes (since I'm allergic to cows' milk and constantly need to replace it...)! Some of those tweaked ones are on my blog, too...


Sucharita Sarkar said...

That was wickedly misleading, hilariously appropriate. So sad about your lactose intolerance!

radha said...

You might have fooled us, but it would have been applicable to just about anything and anyone. Am sure you will be able to tackle this problem wisely.

Stephanie N. said...

Hi, Mervat. Sorry to hear you can't enjoy cheese any more. I made cheese this weekend, a cow's milk mozzarella.

Sabrina said...

That was hilarious! Good job!

The Writing Instinct said...

notSupermum: No love lost there!

boots: Yes, but that was before it hurt me so!

Darla: You are so right! But I do miss my cheese especially the soft cheeses...I can dream on!

septembermom: Thank you!

Suko: You are good!

lakeviewer: I am praying for a cure...I am wondering if ingesting some lactase (enzyme which breaks down lactose) after eating dairy will break down the lactose...I'll keep on it!

Spencer L Casey: I certainly did settle for something with less passion (and flavour and variety!)...soy milk! Thanks so much!

dollcannotfly: Glad you liked it. Thank you for commenting! Poetry is good for this release LOL!

Jillien: Thanks!

poet: Believe me, I am sad! I will check out the recipes. Thank you!

Sucharita Sarkar: Sorry! And I am saddened by my lactose intolerance too!

radha: Well, soy and calcium supplements. Boring but necessary I am afraid!

Stephanie N.: Thank you. Your cheese sounds delicious though...

Sabrina: Thank you so much for your comment!

Debbie said...

Bless your heart! How can you drown your sorrows without a pint of ice cream?

The Writing Instinct said...

Debbie: Luckily for me when I am down I lose my appetite. However, do not even start to think there isn't emotional eating in my life! Even the slightest of happy moods or the simplest reason for celebration awakens my sweet tooth. A slice of naturally lactose-free lemon meringue pie (almost sounds healthy!) works a treat ;)

Spencer L Casey said...

Oh, yeah, my lovely brought that stuff into the house (soy milk) at one point. The kids liked the soy chocolate milk. And plain or vanilla was sort of OK in cereal. Other than than, no thank you very much. I'm very sorry.


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