Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Absentee Note...

Dear Sir/Madame,

I hope this note finds you in the best of health. I miss posting regularly and really miss visiting all of the lovely blogs I have grown to love. I have had the busiest month in a long time. Our renovations are coming along (although there was a bit of a lull there for a while). As Project Manager (I truly believe this title deserves capitalisation) for our built-in pool and attached cabbana/pool-house, I have been busier than a bee on the first day of Spring (which, incidently has come and gone for us in the southern hemisphere). However we are now booking tradespeople (and paying tradespeople), booking supplies (and paying for supplies) as well as making last minute decisions about things I had not even considered. And I thought I was so, so organised! I have also had to make many decisions on my own as my darling hubby had two overseas conferences in a row (poor sweety had to go to Singapore one week and then Spain the next). Consequently, he underwent many sessions of therapy...retail therapy that is, to allay his feelings of guilt, of course. Admittedly however, the results worked like a charm. He has excellent taste and brought back some lovely goodies for me.

I have uploaded some images of our project, below, for your perusal.

Yours sincerely,

Project Manager extraordinaire!

Concrete jungle:

The pool-house aka lego:
Lego in motion:
One door-frame successfully erected:
Working, working (my wonderful brother aka Head Foreman!)
Thinking, thinking...
After a few weekends, walls and roof come together (lots and lots of family help: thank you to each and every one of you)
The windows go in: NB: The half-head (!) and gloved hand on the left in this last image are mine...
See you on your blogs soon, I promise!


septembermom said...

You are one busy project manager extraordinaire! Things look like they are going along beautifully. We'll be here when you have some free time! Hope you get to relax too!

Spencer L Casey said...

Very cool project, miss. Liking it a lot. You can have my pool if you like. Just come by and pick it up. I'm thinking about filling it in and making a putting green out of it. I has a nice kidney shape so it'd work, I think.


Suko said...

Dear Mervat,

Great post, great pool-to-be!


MyHijab said...

umm you have a photo shoot to do. Your little model cannot pass up this opportunity of a lifetime. Please let me know when you are free!

I picked up the form today!

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

That is a huge project. Can't wait to see the final result!

Deborah-lee said...

Oh wow, your cabana is going to be huge.. same with the pool!

When's the pool party? hee hee

see you there! said...

What an undertaking. It sure looks like it is going to be wonderful when it is finished tho.


notSupermum said...

Nice to hear from you - and I'm looking forward to seeing the end result!

Jillien said...

Good luck with all your projects!

MyHijab said...

Hang on, hold it! I just realised my hubby is operating a hand saw..a BIG hand saw!!! What the?!?!

my hubby? a hand saw? really? I thought he just walked and around watching everyone and helped to hold things hehe

The Writing Instinct said...

septembermom: Thank you dear! So far so good...cannot wait to go for my first swim in the pool. Thank you so much for your support as well.

Spencer L Casey: thanking you kindly for the offer of your pool! Should have said something earlier...I will probably be advertising our pool in a few years time anyway!!

Dear Suko: Thank you so much!

MyHijab: Give me the time, date and venue and I'll be there!

~Tessa~Scoffs: It is a huge project...sometimes I think we have bitten off more than we can chew or nibble for that matter! Can't wait to show you the finished results.

Deborah-lee: I'll keep you posted as to the pool party...bring your own towel!

Darla: You are so right. I feel quite overwhelmed sometimes. But we have to keep moving forward...no going back now!

notSupermum: thanks! Can't wait to show you...even invite you!

Jillien: Thank you so much. We need all the luck we can get!

MyHijab: Yep, it is your hubby! See you don't give him enough credit do you! I hope he reads this!


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