Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Like a spider weaving its glistening web

In preparation for what is to come,

Like an excited couple

In anticipation of their special day,

Like a patient mother-to-be

Counting down to the day of birth,

Like a naive child

On Christmas eve,

Like a potential author with a deadline in their hand...

I am jittery, I consider, I start to type...

I log on to my blog.

Why is it that the longer away I am from my blog, the more difficult it is to start again?

I wait for my friends for I have missed them. I long to visit their blogs too, and will.

Can't wait!

The photo above was taken by me on the morning after my husband went away for a few days with our youngest son, Mr. 7 . This is a habit we started with our eldest son where we each spend one-on-one time away with one of our children at some stage of their development (admittedly it has only happened a couple of times so far with Mr. 16 and only once with Miss 12., but they remember these breaks away so distinctly). It is a little hard for the parent not away, but well worth it in the long term, we believe.

Do you do something similar with your loved ones?


septembermom said...

Welcome back! It's great to hear your "voice" again! I look forward to special time with each of my kids when they get older. I know that it will be a memorable time for each of us. Have a great week!!

Suko said...

Welcome back, Mervat. I hope your mother is continuing to get better and stronger every day.

We do try and do special "one on one" things with our kids, including very short trips. It's a great way to give them some special attention and get to know them even better.

Natalie said...

Smoooooch! welcome back sweet lady.xx

see you there! said...

So happy to see you blogging again my friend.

My daughters were so close in age and also had a close relationship with one another so splitting them up never felt right.

I do take the GD on "dates" - just the two of us tho. She seems to love it although since she is an only child I don't know how much of a break it is :-)


Rob-bear said...

Just dropped in from "sixtyfivewhatnow." Interesting blog you have going here.

I'll read around a visit again.

boots said...

oh we missed you, I had just strolled down to look at the blogs I follow from the bottom...
We found that after they move out it is vital to talk to them on the phone and make dates to see them one on one. It is very important to me to get some time with them... and guess we were too busy when they lived at home now we have more time to just enjoy them in their lives~ and selfishly glad that no one is married yet!

♥ Braja said...

Finally!! I mean, finally I make it here after you posted SIX DAYS ago :)) So good to see you back...and a beautiful and ethereal post it is....xo

a cat of impossible colour said...

Great to see you back, Mervat! :)

The Writing Instinct said...

septembermom: Thank you for this and also for your lovely email my friend! I hope you spend many many memorable times together with your children.

Suko: Thank you, dear friend, for all your good wishes. I totally agree with giving our children special attention and to get to know them one-on-one.

Natalie: Big Smooch to you too dear friend. Miss you!

see you there: It is great to be back, although sick kids have gotten in the way of a good blogging session (or several sessions, for that matter!).

Your GD is going to cherish those memories you create together, always. I know I cherish every moment I remember spending with my grandmother up until the age of 6 after which I never saw her again.

Rob-bear: Welcome and thank you for visiting. I look forward to popping over to your blog soon!

boots: You are very kind my friend!
Enjoy your unmarried children for now! I know I am already, selfishly, thinking of how I will have to share them one day...

♥ Braja: Believe me if anyone is dragging behind on blog reading it is me! Thank you for your very kind words re my post...my head is swelling, swelling...

a cat of impossible colour: Thanks Andrea!

Warren Baldwin said...

Welcome back. I'm glad your mom is doing better, and I commend you on the care you have given her. God bless. wb

The Writing Instinct said...

Warren Baldwin: Thank you for your support. I guess we all do what we can to help our loved ones especially when we are needed by them. Thank you again.



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