Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lift Off!

Just quickly updating all my readers, especially my dear family. Hubby and I are waiting in the lounge. I just had a strong coffee. A very strong coffee. Playing in the background is Halleluja by KD Lang and memories of being pregnant with my darling third child, and watching the movie Shreck, come flooding back. I cried my heart out when I heard this version sung as Princess Fiona's eyes welled up. And I have tears in my eyes now. I already miss my babies but, I WILL BE BACK.

Thank you again to my super special family for your support. My presents list is ver present in my pocket.
Just had the call to board.



see you there! said...

Have a wonderful trip and when you return be sure to tell us all about it.


Suko said...

Enjoy your trip, Mervat! :)

Kayleigh said...

Paris, oh Mervat -- how wonderful! I hope you have the most terrific time ever :)

Over at my blog is a little award pour vous ;) I also wanted to tell you how much your comments have meant to me during all my they have given me strength and courage, comforted me and made me feel less alone. You are a truly special person :)

Enjoy your trip and have a blast!!!!!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Have a wonderful time - the weather is just getting warmer so it will be perfect.


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