Monday, October 11, 2010

Start them young!

This is my darling Mr 8 using a knife and chopping board for the first time (not that he has used either at any other time, mind you). He really wanted to help and I could not deny him the chance of chopping up some green capsicum.

The finished product ready to use in a tomato reduction:

  Although he is not very fond of this vegetable, it is his favourite colour! 

And that is a good enough reason to handle it, don't you think?


Leesa said...

Hi Mervat!

That's FANTASTIQUE!! I think that's really great that you are involving your son in cooking-- I even think more young men should be, as it will increase their interest in cooking later in life!!
You're a STELLAR mom!!!!
Have a great week..

The Writing Instinct said...

Leesa: Thank you for that compliment. You are so sweet! I hope his interest continues. At least for now I have someone helping out with the chopping! Jena loves to bake and is looking forward to making those yummy tollhouse cookies. I can't wait!

see you there! said...

I love a man who can cook! Give my special fellow a hug for me.


Suko said...

So cute! He did a good job. :)

The Writing Instinct said...

Darla: I agree! And, hug delivered before he went to school this morning. Thank you :)

Suko: He actually did do a good job! He also didn't mind the capsicum in the salsa that I made that night even though he usually picks them out so, added bonus!

hiven said...


♥ Braja said...

Ahh, Mervat, I've missed you :))

And that last shot is brilliant :))

The Writing Instinct said...

Hiven: Thanks ;)

Braja: I have missed you too.


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