Friday, July 8, 2011

Fancy a Thai resort...

...or a cold Sydney winter?

The air is so fresh.
Standing on the crispy grass with the sun on your back.
 It doesn't get much better than this (for me!).
I love Sydney in the winter.


see you there! said...

Well, we're having SUMMER here in the Mts of California. Supposed to be 91F here today so your frosty grass looks quite inviting.


Suko said...

Lovely photos! Enjoy your weekend, Mervat.

see you there! said...

Your winter, our summer. The temps have been 85-90 F. here in the mountains. Your frosty, crispy grass is looking good right now.


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I think I would always opt for sun over rain but lovely pictures.

The Writing Instinct said...

Suko: Thank you. Hope you had a great weekend too.

Darla: Considering some of our summer days are upward of 100F, I think I'll stick with a Sydney winter anyday.

Jane: It's great to hear from you. I love sunny winter days the best.


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