Thursday, October 6, 2011

My new old gadget, LOL

A few months ago I spotted a dusty and very old typewriter sitting just behind a dripping gutter at a garage sale.  After making a few enquiries to the owner, I found out that it was bought it in the 1970s. Twenty-five dollars later (and feeling like it weighed 25 kilos!) I carried my purchase home. Let me introduce you...

We later worked out that this Underwood typewriter is from 1904, before the birth of any of my grandparents. Miss 14 was so taken that she took picture after picture of this beautiful piece of technology that was the earliest precursor to whatever device you are using to read this post. We then realised that there was still an ink-roll inside the typewriter and so we inserted a piece of paper. The creak creak as we turned the round handle was almost eerie. The oily scent of the ink and tiny clouds of dust that puffed up as each letter hit the ink-roll were surreal and completely out of this world. The sound of these letters pounding the paper...inexplicably satisfying!

Now what would a 14-year old in the year 2011 type, using a 107-year old gadget? 

'OMG, Mum this is sooo cool, LOL! '

Ah, the irony of technology!

Sadly I post this on the day that Steve Jobs, an innovator, leader and undeniable force in the information and technology industry, passed away.


see you there! said...

What a treasure! I hope you can find and ink tape/roll to keep it going.

Yes, sad about Steve Jobs. He was really an inovator.


The Writing Instinct said...

Darla: I am going to try and locate some ribbon as the existing one is very brittle - each time a letter is typed it ends up with a gap the shape of that letter.


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