Monday, March 1, 2010

My good friend, mentor and Brilliant Blogging Yogini Braja has asked that we list 20 things that nurture us. Initially I thought this would be a simple task as I could easily rattle of half a dozen aids that nurture me. As I started to make the list, the more I thought about these things the more I realised that it is the simple things that I really need in my life that truly nurture me. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. Writing: The mose effective way I can express myself (and make corrections to those inevitable mistakes, unlike the spoken word).

2. Tucking my children in to bed: especially the teenagers, for who knows how much longer my husband and I will be sharing the same roof with them.

3. Reading: Letting my mind and imagination weave and wonder.

4. My husband: Especially when we walk hand in hand; it feels like we can take anything or anyone on.

5. Memories of my paternal grandmother: A widow in the prime of her years, she sacrificed but persevered to bring up a family of six children in the years of the Great Depression and beyond.

6. Stretching and Yoga: To keep my body (and mind) mobile and flexible.

7. Dinner: Sharing that last meal of the day with those I love most.

8. Conversations: In particular one-on-one 'deep and meaningfuls' or the 'shallow and mindless' kind with each of my children.

9. My mother: and chatting with her about everything from the intricacies of a traditional Lebanese dish, to her experiences leaving her family and emigrating to a strange country, which she now calls home.

10. My relationship with my Dad: We laugh 'til we cry and we cry 'til we laugh and I wouldn't have it any other way.

11. Photography: Snapping those moments which I would otherwise forget in an instant.

12. Cooking: I love to cook and thoroughly enjoy my efforts, but mostly I love to feed others.

13. My home: My sanctuary, my joy.

14. Art Galleries: Creativity, quietness and beauty all in one package.

15. Travelling: Seeing and learning about other places, other cultures.

16. Solitude: I love/need time to myself to contemplate the big matters in life or just the breeze on my cheek.

17. Security of Seasons: The predictable regularity that Autumn follows Summer and Spring follows Winter.

18. Libraries: All those books, so much choice and not a cent spent.

19. Self-care: Looking after myself be it the way I dress or taking time out for a quiet bath.

20. My mum's cooking: Nurturing my belly and my soul.

Why don't you do a 20 things that nurture me post and report back here to let me know? I would love to read your responses.


PaintLover said...

Its amazing how you can still learn something new about someone that you think you know so well.

I am so glad that you are blogging again. I get to see a side of you I don't normally get the chance to.

And by the way, you are right.

luv u lots

The Writing Instinct said...

Paintlover: Love you and thinking of you. xxoo

♥ Braja said...

It's true, you see a side of someone you didn't see before, but like you said to me this morning (well it's morning here :), you see a side of yourself you weren't consciously aware of when you write this....loved it Mervat :)

a cat of impossible colour said...

What a great exercise!

So nice to hear from you, and I'm thrilled that you're having a good run with your work.

A xx

Shadowthorne said...

Erm... This is a nice post. I'd like to do the same thing but the things that nurture me might scare some people...

So I'll pass and enjoy your entry :)

(Really serious about the scaring stuff)

lunarossa said...

Fascinating list. it's nice to see that what nurtues you more is the love of your family. All the rest is yes important but not as much. Hugs. Ciao. A.
PS Love the colour of your new swimming pool! When Can I come?

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

What an inspiring list. I think I will start to do one now.

see you there! said...

Lists like yours are so interesting. I don't do them but I sure like reading them.


Suko said...

Mervat, I enjoyed reading your list--it could also be mine! We share a lot of the same joys. :)

Spencer L Casey said...

I didn't want to read yours until I did mine. :) I love your list. #5 is lovely. Sounds like an incredible woman. And #2! You still tuck them in. So sweet. My 10 is already moving away from the tucking in phase. So sad.

Wonderful list. I sort of copied your use of colors in my list. I hope that's OK.



thevanishinglake said...

Really slow getting round to this one - 20 is a lot! But it was really worth it and I feel thoroughly cheered up by the whole thing.

Really enjoyed your post, thanks!

Leesa said...

Love your list... it shows us that the things that are the closest to us, that we don't take for granted are the most nurturing to us!!!
Very uplifting....

(Coming over from your comment on my blog).. : )


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