Friday, August 13, 2010

The Day Our Life Changed, Forever

When the sun is high
Not a cloud in the sky
A breeze on our cheek,
On a late winter's day
We remember the year,
the day,
the moment,
That our life changed forever.

Friday 13th August 1993.
This day greeted the entry of our first-born. This calm, intelligent, sensitive and responsible young man has placed in our hearts an indescribable happiness.
The image you see above is of Mr 17. He is carrying his cousin who is 15 years his junior and virtually the exact image of him at that age.
Happy 17th birthday to you our son, our friend.


Suko said...

Happy birthday to "Mr. 17"! What a sweet, sweet picture!

Houda said...

Just yesterday I read the post you made about mo's b'day last yr. Can you believe how fast this yr has gone?

I look at the photo you have posted and I can't believe how much I love both of them. Even though I feel completely responsible for the little one, I love the big one the same way as my very own.

Happy birthday indeed! And congrats to you my dear sis for bringing into this world the loveliest 17yo boy anyone will ever wish to meet.

Casey Freeland said...

What a handsome guy. The girls are going to have a hard time convincing mom they are worthy I think.


The Writing Instinct said...

Suko: Thank you to you sweet, sweet Suko!

Houda: These two are indeed special people. Time has flown by and before we know it he may be off at university, doing his own thing but I know he will always cherish being back with us and spending time with all his cousins, because that is the type of guy he is. Thanks for your sweet compliments to honey xx

Casey: Thanks for commenting, and, agreed! He is such a sweetheart that he would treat a girl like a queen, so I hope it is appreciated. By the way up until his recent exams he was always cleaning out the garage and parking the cars!

see you there! said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. 17. You must be very proud of him.


The Writing Instinct said...

Darl: Thank you. We are indeed very proud of him. He is sitting his year 11 exams and has been working very hard. He also gets his full driver's license in a few week's time after clocking up over 140 hours worth of practicing.

lunarossa said...

Happy birthday to your lovely boy! Mine will be 17 in November...A very important year for them: end of the compulsory education, driving licence (at least in the UK) and what else?? I sometimes feel I'm losing him but as long as I can still hug him, I'm happy. Hugs. A.

Moncha said...


You and all of us have definately been blessed by having Mr 17 in our lives, he is just beautiful in everyway!

Aunty Moncha XXX


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