Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Revision Surgery

As some of you may remember, our darling son, Mr 17 had scoliosis correction surgery exactly 3 years ago. His two major curves covering 11 segments in his spine, were corrected with rods, screws and bone grafts. Yesterday his annual X-ray showed that the bone grafts in his lower back have not grown to form a single bony structure. This structure is supposed to stop the curve from reforming. His back muscles that support the spine are pulling in one direction and the instrumentation is tugging in the opposite direction. No bone mass to stabilise his spine. I can only imagine the pain he has been living with, day after night. Our son needs revision surgery involving more instrumentation and more bone grafts. And soon. Next week soon. Too soon.

Your thoughts and prayers will be much appreciated.

The following posts (in chronological order) refer to our scoliosis surgery experiences I wrote about when I first started this blog:

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Jillien said...

wow. My prayers are being sent your way! keep strong!



My sister went through a similar ordeal. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son.

Moncha said...


All my thoughts, prayers and love to you all!


see you there! said...

My thoughts are with you, your son and your family. This is a tough issue. Please keep us updated on his progress.


Suko said...

Your son and family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Kayleigh said...

Oh Mervat...I'm sorry that you all have to endure more of this...it breaks my heart for you, just so unfair. But he is a strong boy, (yes, a young man of course, but still/always your boy) and he has the most wonderfully loving mother ANY child could hope for.

I've gotten some good news myself for a change and wish now I could hop a plane and come and make you all endless pots of soup, keep your house clean & take care of the other kids while you and your DH just worry about your son. I hope you have good friends & family to do that for you.

Meanwhile a huge virtual hug for each of you will have to do, inadequate as it may be. Stay strong, sweet Mervat, and know you'll be in my heart.

My family will be thinking of yours.

Kayleigh said...

Am still thinking of you all...special, gentle hugs to DS, stay strong!!!!!


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