Monday, September 20, 2010

Spring and a smile

We are home and it feels so good. Although it has been a difficult couple of weeks our darling, patient and brave Mr 17 is recovering slowly. Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and good wishes. They are very much appreciated.

In the preceding days, and even though we had a huge hospital window overlooking trees and a park, I did not see a single bud. These days were dim and cloud-filled. On the morning drive home from hospital, our son safely bundled beside us, I could not help but notice an overnight explosion of all varieties of flora creating spectacular arrays of textures and colours.

It is Spring.

Blossoms, birds and butterflies in abundance. Our son is smiling.

What a beautiful, beautiful day.



Moncha said...

I hope your future is as beautiful as today has been for you


The Writing Instinct said...

Mon, your words are so touching. Thank you my darling sis.

see you there! said...

Happy to hear that you can now look up and see the flowers blooming. It is so hard to stand by while our loved ones suffer. I hope your handsome young man recovers quickly.


Suko said...

Best wishes to your son for a quick recovery! :)

Houda said...

Wish I were there


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