Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New 2011

Wishing everyone a peaceful and productive year ahead.

Speaking of productive times, I am writing. Actually writing. This is thanks to many writing websites and novels I have read during the recent holiday period. Mostly though it is the result of having access to a guide called "The Nighttime Novelist - Finish Your Novel in Your Spare Time" by Joseph Bates. Although I don't know anyone who has 'spare time', for anyone who is hopeful of writing a book, I thoroughly recommend it.

This spiral bound book has come in handy for details on how to help prompt an idea, how to massage that idea into plots and characters and among other pointers, how to plan your novel. As I have enjoyed perusing through this book I have gained motivation to keep at 'it'.

In keeping my story idea alive and asking myself more questions about it, I have inadvertently dedicated some time each day (even as little as 5 minutes, sometimes) to my novel. And, I have also accepted (contrary to earlier self-convincing) that I need to write, literally, with pen and paper first, for a long time, before I can step up to the keyboard (you may notice that my word counter will stay the same for the time being even though the words are a-coming). And, in being motivated, I have 'created' spare time (it might be at 7:30 am, 11pm or 3am). And I am making progress.

Discalimer: I have not been asked to review this book and I am certainly not advertising it. This is a genuine recommendation from someone who has purchased the book and found it very helpful.

Wishing you wonderfully creative times ahead.


Suko said...

Mervat, it has been too long since your last post, but now I understand why. How interesting that you prefer to write with pen and paper first--I am now so used to composing at a keyboard! Bates' book sounds inspiring, and I look forward to reading your book in the future. :)

The Writing Instinct said...

Suko, thank you as always for your encouraging comments. It is very much a work-in-progress. I am still aiming for an April 1st Draft 1 deadline though.

Wishing you wonderful writing adventures ahead.

Casey Freeland said...

Happy New Year and good luck with your writing. You're one of my favorite blogs to visit.



a cat of impossible colour said...

So glad to hear that you are well and writing! x

The Writing Instinct said...

Casey: thank you very much for your very kind comment. It is words like these that make keeping a blog so worthwhile. Best wishes to you and your family in the new year. I have missed visiting my favourite blogs and hope to see you soon!

Andrea: Thank you for checking in. Yes, I am writing and seem to be getting alot done considering the children are still on their summer break. I hope to get more done when they go back in three weeks. See you soon!


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