Monday, January 31, 2011

Maximum Temp: 46.6 C / 116 F

Winter, winter, oh where for art thou winter?

The maximum temperature recorded on our weather station today was: 46.6 degrees celsius. This was only rivaled by my eight-year old son's fever. 

Need (glug, glug, water) I (fan, fan) say (collapse in a heap!) more?


♥ Braja said...

Yeah, instead of "fan, fan," you need to say "a/c, a/c" :))

The Writing Instinct said...

A/C indeed. It has run not stop since 10am...admittedly, our personal cooling is adding to global warming, but by-God do we need it!

see you there! said...

Good grief that's hot! My friend Mr. 8 isn't sick at the moment is he? I'm hoping you are refering to a fever in the past.


The Writing Instinct said...

Darla: Unfortunately Mr 8 is unwell. He has been running temperatures of over 40 C and has had to miss out on his first day of grade 3 (today). The last few days (and restless nights) have involved plenty of paracetamol, ibuprofen and moist cloths.

He 'really, really' wants to know who his new teacher is. We will see how he is tomorrow.

Take care.

Kim said...

Wow, we're freezing our butts off over here. Hope your son is on the mend!

The Writing Instinct said...

If only we could take half your temps, half ours and then strike a happy medium! Our son is still not at school, but is improving, thank you.

lunarossa said...

Hi Mervat, hope you're all well. It is still very cold here. It has been such a long winter and is not finished yet. I've got the heating on and my coat as well and I still feel cold. I like temperate weather but where to find it? All the best. Ciao. A.

lunarossa said...

Hope you are far away from the cyclone! And that yous son is feeling better. Hugs. Ciao.A.

Casey Freeland said...

Winter is on the east coast. Here in CA it feels like April. Supposed to rain next weekend though and we need it!



Suko said...

That is HOT! We are having pleasant "winter" weather in CA, but there has been heavy snow in much of the U.S. this year, as you probably know.

The Writing Instinct said...

lunarossa: Antonella I feel for you! I hope the weather has started to mellow a little. Also, thank you for asking, but the cyclones were several hundred kilometres away. The devastation the cyclones have caused though has been phenomenal. And, Mr 8 is back at school, much to his dismay!

Casey Freeland: Hi Casey, I hope you get the much needed rainfall before your spring starts. Since that horrible week of very high temperatures we have had heavy rainfall so, sending some your way!

Suko: It certainly was hot. I cannot imagine being couped up in the snow as nice as it would be in the beginning. Sydney weather is much like CA. We are both very lucky!

Thanks everyone,


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