Monday, April 27, 2009

Recovery & Thanks

Late last week I underwent a surgical procedure which I had been avoiding for almost a year. I would like to thank my family, friends and blogger friends who have sent me good wishes. You are all very kind. I also appreciate everything that my family have done for me. All the love that they have shown me, the flowers and books they have showered me with and a lovely fish and rice dinner and that apple streudel. Thank you for all those cups of coffee you have made for me, which have usually gone cold as a result of me dozing off without notice, due to various analgesics (and thank goodness for them!).

I would like to say a special thank you to Kayleigh and Valerie for their wonderful stories which kept me occupied while I waited to be 'wheeled in' for surgery. My mind was pleasantly occupied as I tried to ward off my hunger and anxiety.

You see, I underwent my first general anaesthesia ever (yes, I used my resources to look up the data on risks associated with the anaesthesia and I was quite concerned to say the least, as rare as the risks are). I almost completely forgot the reason I was there in the first place and just focussed on the anaesthesia and its possible side-effects. But it was unavoidable. Much to my surprise however, it was actually quite pleasant to 'go under' . My surgeon was the sweetest. He held my right hand with both his hands (which I squeezed very tightly) and he told me all would be okay, that he would see me that evening, that I was beautiful, and I would have his ugly face to look forward to seeing (which, of course, made me giggle). I know this is what he says to all his patients but his words put me at such ease that, when the anaesthetist placed a mask over my mouth and nose, I felt more relaxed than I had been all week.

And, yes, I am still here!

With my love and best wishes to you all.

P.S. If I have commented on your blog recently and my words do not quite make sense you now know why...but nothing, not even high grade pain killers, could keep me away from my laptop (despite letters and words running into eachother and my head falling towards the keyboard!)!

P.P.S If I have made any errors in this post then, please forgive me (she says with a slurred speech!).


Natalie said...

You have been as lovely as you always are, Mervat. Get well soon.xx♥

Kayleigh said...

Oh my, I had no idea...been so wrapped up in my own saga. I'm so glad your experience went well, and I cannot begin to tell you how touched I am that you read my stuff to occupy your mind and keep anxiety at bay -- that really just made my heart skip a beat, thank you so much for sharing that.

I may be dense, or in my own Xanax induced haze (we two are quite a pair, aren't we, lol) but was the procedure minor, are you okay? I can't seem to find mention of particulars.

Either way, I am glad you are recovering, and wish for you complete good health ASAP!!!!

Much love and heartfelt blessings sent your really are a dear, sweet, lovely person :)


lakeviewer said...

Sorry to hear about your situration. And happy that you pulled through and are back among the bloggers. You were missed.

a cat of impossible colour said...

I'm so glad you're okay!

Jane said...

Glad to hear everything went well.

Lisa said...

am glad all is well as can be- take time to fully recover xx

see you there! said...

Did I miss something? I didn't know you were having a procedure but I'm sure glad to hear it is over and you are well on your way to recovery.


AVR said...

I wish you a speedy recovery! And keep on have a very nice blog!!

La Belette Rouge said...

I am so sorry you had to go through this but I am so pleased to hear that you are doing so well. Take good care of yourself.

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub said...

If this is how well you handle yourself under the influence of morphine-based painkillers, well, you can color me impressed. ;-)

I look forward to hanging around and seeing what happens when you're lucid!

Aspiring Writer said...

Oh goodness. My absence doesn't help. Mervat, hope you are well, speedy recovery and all that. xo

lunarossa said...

So happy everything went well. I'm sending you prayers and hugs for a quick recovery. Look after yourself. All the best. A.

Suko said...

Mervat, I hope you're recovering well. You have the most lovely photos on your blog!

Mervat said...

Natalie: Thank you as always. My thoughts are with you. I hope all is well for you and your family. xo

Kayleigh: You have every right to be wrapped up in your own saga. Mine was no where near as serious or as concerning as yours (I will write about it one day). You are so kind to take time out for others considering what you are living through. Your words mean so much. Your novel-in-progress was just heaven-sent. Thank you. xo

lakeviewer: Thank you so much dear friend.

Andrea: Thanks so much!

Jane: Thank you my dear.

Lisa: I did a little too much in the beginning and paid for it. I have had strict bed rest and hence lots of blogging time!

Darla: I did not blog about it...yep, typical me avoiding issues and then re-telling the story which I hope to share some day. Thank you for your kind words.

AVR: Thank you so much. You are very kind.

La Belette Rouge: Thank you so much my friend. I am getting better and have had plenty of bed rest. xo

Amy@Bitchin'WivesClub: Thank you so much...those pain killers were a delight, and the bonus in being on them for a little while means I am pain free and a little less groggy each time. I am completely off them now so no addiction here... I swear!

Aspiring Writer: Thank you. I know you were out of sorts too. Hope you are well now. xo

lunarossa: Thank you so much for your thoughts and wishes. Hugs back to you. xo

Suko: Thank you so much. I love photography but when I don't have a pic, I cheat: google images is my favourite resource ;)

notSupermum said...

Mervat, sorry I've come to this late. I hadn't realised you were having surgery, but I'm so pleased it went well and you are recovering ok. Best wishes to you, x

Mervat said...

notSupermum: Thank you so much for your well wishes. xo

SSQuo said...

Since this is my first time here, I dont know what the surgery was for, but Im glad youre well.

And re. the docs comment, does that mean he was ugly? or was he sooo handsome that it the sarcastic remark made you smile? :)

Anna said...

You werent even that nervous for child birth. Im am proud to be your sister...i love your blog, i love reading your you alwaysxoxo


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