Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Allergy to Aerogard

I have been taggeg to post the 5th photo from the 5th folder in my pictures file by my lovely sis over at

The photo I found is of my son, Mr 6 (at the time 4) whom we discovered had an allergy to Aerogard a personal anti-insect spray (whoever heard of an allergy to an Australian icon?!).

A chidhood memory of mine was 'Don't forget the Aerogard, and 'ave a good weekend!'.

And, my child has an allergy to Aerogard. At the time the photo was taken, we had been invited to the neighbour's house for a barbeque (yes, an Aussie Backyard Barbie) shortly after they had moved to the neighbourhood. After having thrown on the obligatory prawns (shrimps) and snags (no, not Sensitive New Age Guys, but sausages!) I noticed that the mosquitos were in their more-than-usual abundance (we live quite close to river). I quickly grabbed the Aerogard (a non-aerosol brand, better for the enviroment etc, etc) and sprayed my baby's arms and legs with it. I was determined that no mozzies (Aussie vernacular for mosquito) were going to get to him and make him all itchy, all night! Not a minute after I had applied what was to be a life-saver, it had become a life-threatener. My baby started to turn red and his head started to swell (thinking back now it was quite funny...terrible mother I am!). Poor darling, even his tongue was a little redder than usual. We immediately gave him ventolin (several puffs into his spacer) as he was an asthmatic and thought it better to be on the safe side. We then took him home, washed him down and watched him for the next few hours. I sat him down and kept checking his breathing whilst hubby (a cardiologist) sitting beside me, checking him as well...and eating a prawn...or six!

At home, and whilst Mr 4-at-the-time was watching television I took some photos. We tucked him into bed and my darling baby ended up scratching all night anyway!

Now, whenever my sweet baby sees a blue can, he absolutely freaks out, runs and hides behind my knees. Even the rest of the family have vowed against bringing it out when he is around and God love them, they put up with the mozzie bites just to protect him. Although, some family members have been known to come up to me (in the midst of scratching the skin off their arm or leg) and ask me if i am absolutely sure he has an allergy. Family...don't you just love them!

If you are interested please take on the tag and show us the 5th photo in your 5th file, just for a bit of fun...go on!!

I wonder, do you know anyone with an 'odd' allergy?


Marvs said...

Ahm... ma'am you're not a bad mom! ^_^ we all makes mistakes! hehehehe..I have an odd allergy and it is an allergy when my body is heat up. Once a place is very hot my skin will get itchy and red! ahehehehe... Godbless to you and ur family!
if you have time kindly visit my blog!
imaginative minds
thnx ma'am!^_^

Lisa said...

both my husband and my daughter react to the weirdest things- I keep antihistamines in the medicine box all the time, becasue you just never know- yes, i have a couple of photos like that one too !

Myst_72 said...

Gosh - I wonder which ingredient in aeroguard he is allergic to?

Handy to have a cardiologist in the family :)

My Dad was allergic to tomato plants - not the tomatoes he could eat them, just the plants !


2L3Bs World said...

Dear Mervat,
I actually got worried about your allergy post on Aerogard. Good thing that you are a scientist while your husband is a surgeon.. Lucky kids you got there having such supermom and superdad side by side..
thanks for sharing my friend..

Mervat said...

Marvs: Thank you for your kind comments and welcome. I guess we all do the best job we can as parents. And, I look forward to visiting your blog.

Lisa: If they are inclined to get reactions unpredictably then keeping antihistamines on hand are certainly are good idea. I look forward to seeing your photos!

Myst 72: Welcome to my blog and thank you for your comments. I always wonder what it is in the aerogard he is allergic to...even the 'natural' ones irritate him. Can't wait to check out your blog!

2L3Bs World:
Thank you as always. That is such a lovely thing for you to say. I guess we all parent our children as best as we can. A little humour is always called for though!

Thank you all and take care

Anna said...

Habib his face really swells up. When we are grocery shopping and go down the aisle of were the aeroguard is kids tell me each time not to buy any as Alosuhy is allergic to it. And even Amar made sure the day of their birthday party that it was kept in the garage just in case he saw it.

Mervat said...

That is so sweet that they look out for eachother like that. Plese give them a kiss each from Aunty Mimi.

Amanda said...

I myself am allergic to aeroguard and still do not know the reasons that I have this reaction...I have also tried the 'Natural' aeroguard and had same result... I have been told that I should be able to make my own I am in the process of trying to find this recipe for a natural one that will not irritate... If I do find this and it works I shall repost on here to let you know.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

I have the same allergic reaction to Aeroguard. I now use RID in a pump pack. If aeroguard gets sprayed on me/near me I end up with hot, red, blotchy welts and rashes all over my body (especially armpits, inside elbows, groin etc) and my asthma plays up very badly. It must get into the bloodstream very quickly from the skin and lungs. Any other sufferers could try RID. They sell it at Woolies.

Anonymous said...

I have never had a reaction to Aeorguard (aussie icon) but I noticed that after using the tropical strength one recently one evening, I've ended up with an itchy rash all over my arms and legs which are the only places i sprayed it. However I failed to wash it off properly before going to bed that night and for days have had this rash. Its kind of itchy but not necessarily red bumps, just loads of bumps..they could have changed the formula over the years as I never had this reaction before, and nobody I know has!

KymY said...

Recently at a dusk beach bbq I sprayed some Tropical Aerogard on my hands, feet and calves accidentally splashed some on my upper lip - which promptly went numb and blew-up to a size that would make a dentist laugh !. Any xylocaine local anaesthetic in this stuff ?

By the way - no Aerogard works in my home town of Alice Springs - the scent just attracts more files. Obviously not field-tested in the Red Centre.

Kym Y
Nhulunbuy NT

annabelle said...

Hi! I'm also allergic to all aeroguard (except the baby one) and i was just wondering when your sons rash actually disappeared? Someone accidentally sprayed full strength aeroguard on me and i've had small bumps all over my skin for four days now and it's itchy and uncomfortable :/ . I'd appreciate the help!


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