Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A curious case of all those buttons!

Ever wondered what to do with those buttons that come attached to new garments. With the button, stud or clasp a sample thread is also sometimes included. I usually snip away the little plastic zip-lock bag or cardboard envelope in which the button/stud/clasp & thread arrives in and store in a decorative box on my dressing table. However, once they go into the button box I usually never see them again. The other day I happened to glance upon this box. I immediately tipped it upside down on the bed. There were so many envelopes and little bags they formed a little mound. Upon searching through the box's contents I noticed there were packets for items I had long since discarded, worn away so much they were now garden and painting grubbies, or buttonless and holey in the garage rag box!

However, the question still remains: What to do with all these buttons? I did a quick search on the internet and found thes images below. What a great idea, I thought to myself.



What about earrings or a bracelet even? Then my imagination got the better of me and I started thinking about belts, picture frames, sunglasses, oh the list goes on! I even had a mental image of a car covered in buttons...yes, I had better quit while I was still ahead!

Now, as much as the necklace appeals to me (I still like the car idea and I've probably got enough buttons!), I doubt I will ever get around to making it. But, maybe I can con my crafty and arty daughter, Miss 11 into it? I'll tell her that I'll throw an extra button, for repairs, in for free!;-)

What do you do with the extra buttons?


lunarossa said...

My daughter and I made Xmas decorations (heart-shaped) with white/ivory shirt buttons. I'd like to send you a photo but they are in the attic with the Xmas stuff! Ciao. A.

Jimena said...

those necklaces look awesome...
i might make the DIY version of them ... i really like them
thanx for the comment

Aspiring Writer said...

Hi Mervat,
First, thanks for your comment on my blog! And what a co-incidence about your buttons. We came into a wonderful collection inside an ice-cream container.Some of them date back to the forties, possibly earlier. I'll do a post on them very soon. They're quite precious, I don't know what to do with them but your ideas are certainly worth thinking about. Don't know about the car one though - aint got enough anyway but would be cool to see.
Perfect post!

MyHijab said...

I was thinking of sticking them to a lamp shade!!

but u know me...never get around to doing any artsy stuff....but oh so many ideas

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

My tote bags would love to have buttons all around.. Your necklace is really nice. Thanks for this tip..

Mervat said...

Antonella: I can imagine how pretty these would have turned out. Look forward to seeing them at Xmas time!

Jimena: Thank you for commenting! I would love to see what you come up with. Maybe give me a few extra ideas as well!

Aspiring Writer: Joanne, I love old buttons. As with all old things it's about where they've been and their age, but more so, who chose them, who used them. My Mum has a container of buttons in which there are alot of old ones. I remember I used to hold them and they'd fall thru my fingers. Yes, very nostaglic. I'm so glad you liked the post!

Houda: Hey, there's an idea, especially in the same colour palette. I wouldn't want to dust it know, all those tiny holes!

Loida: I like your idea of putting them on tote bags! Thank you so much.

Again, thank you all for commenting! Have a terrific weekend everyone and take care,

Suko said...

Curiously, I just found more stray buttons to add to my own button box last night. I like the jewelry idea--the pictures are terrific!

Mervat said...

There is always a stray button...or three isn't there!


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