Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank you Darla!

I recently received a lovely surprise in the mail. Well, sort-of surprise; I knew Darla had kindly posted a card to me. However, upon receiving the beautifully shimmery envelope, I was absolutely delighted. Even the children tried to get in on the action, but they were specifically instructed to Keep Away! The arrival of this lovely gift also reminded me of notSupermum's recent post about letter writing.

The first thing I noticed was Darla's beautiful cursive handwriting. It had been such a long time since I had received mail that had handwritten name and address details. Even friends who send cards or information on their travels usually attach printed address labels to the envelopes. Furthermore, the letter or card is usually printed out (and in the case of cards, the greetings etc. are typed, printed, cut-to-size and glued into the card; this would take longer than actually handwriting a message, wouldn't it?).

Darla's envelope and card have such a lovely personal touch as they are hand-made. The word 'imagine' on the front is a reminder to me to keep my thinking alive, to not let day to day stresses and distractions derail from an open mind and, on a more practical level, to keep my writing alive.

Thank you Darla. Your gift made my day.

Have you received a nice surprise in the mail recently?


see you there! said...

I'm so happy to know you received the card and were pleased with it. I like to make cards and enjoy sending the old fashioned way.


PS - yes, you have my mailing address.

Anonymous said...

I once said I'd rather have snail mail than a Golden Retriever. I am still sticking by that. ~Mary

Lisa said...

lovely when blogger friends move into the real world

notSupermum said...

How lovely! And thanks for the mention. Have a good weekend x

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I have received a beautiful skirt in the mail lately but not anything as lovely as this! What a beautiful surprise :)

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Yes dear Mervat, it is really nice to receive letters sent via post. It's so rare these days noting that computers always do the works.. I miss receiving envelopes with lovely stamps on it.. These days only bills were sent via post and it's really disappointing.. Nice to know you still got friends who is as thoughtful.

Aspiring Writer said...

Nostalgia. I love to receive postcards from my travelling sister. It far outweighs email. I can hold onto something tangible and more memorable. Noticed the books you are juggling to read. I enjoyed The Memory Keeper's Daughter - emotional with a good pace. Page-turning. I'd like to read the Pilot's wife. I read Testimony but is less lyrical and gruelling compared to her other works, though Shreve is known for writing in different styles. Look forward to a post on Kim Edward's book. Have a fab Sunday!

Mervat said...

Darla: Thank you again. I will be posting a little something out to you today. Enjoy!

Mary: I am right there with you on the preference for snail mail!

Lisa: Having friends online is such a great bonus of the internet and a sign of our times. Having tangible evidence they really do exist however, is super special.

notSupermum: You are super welcome, SuperMum!

Pretty Little Pictures: It is beautiful. I have been prompted to clear my notice board to display the card. A lovely handmade gift and a clean notice board all in one go! Receiving clothes is nice though ;-)

Loida: This lovely gift is a welcomed surprise compared to receiving bills! I tried to leave a comment on your recent post, but it wouldn't accept it...I'll try again.

Apiring Writer: I agree that letters and postcards far outweighs email, SMS, and all other electronic forms...I can't keep up ther are so many!. As far as the books I have not read The Memory Keeper's Daughter all weekend and I miss it. Will get back to it asap. The Pilot's wife was also a good read...wish it went on for a little but more though. I haven' tread Testimony. I'll look out for it.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Best wishes,


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