Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My mother's day started out with breakfast in bed (notice the heart shaped mandarine wedges by my daughter!) and the most thoughtful and lovely gifts from my children and hubby, plateaued out to include me cooking lentil curry, rice and making naan bread for my wonderful family and ended with me doing the ironing! And I wouldn't have wanted it any other way (except for maybe getting a magic ironing lady whom I could summon any time I pleased!).

My beautiful gifts (including my favourite perfume line):

(Mr.6 purchased the blue box with candles and incense, using his pocket money, from his school's mother's day stall).

My hand-made treats:

To all my lovely friends, whether or not you are a mum, I hope you had a day filled with love, a peaceful moment and a cup of your favourite brew!


a cat of impossible colour said...

Hi Mervat!

Thank you SO much for the lovely package of goodies you sent me - I feel completely overwhelmed and spoiled. Thank you so much. Everything is amazing, but the little butterfly is going to be living above my desk for a long time, I think! :) It is all so lovely and completely made my week.

Thanks again - this came at a wonderful time, as well.

Andrea xx

P.S. The cards are so beautiful!

Warren Baldwin said...

Wonderful ... and I'll bet the handmade treats hold a special place. My wife still has all the handmade stuff my kids made for her for Mother's days, Christmas, etc.

I wrote a short piece about my mother on my blog I'd like to invite you to read. It's about a time my mother endured my reading a book to her throughout a summer.

Suko said...

How lovely!

Aspiring Writer said...

What a lovely mother's day!

notSupermum said...

So pleased you had a lovely mothers' day - you deserve to be spoiled!

lunarossa said...

What lovely treats you had! Here in the UK Mother's Days is in March! Very strange, as it seems that Moder's Day is the second week of May all over the rest of the world! With all the due respect to the Britons, they have always to be different, don't they? Glad you had a great time. Ciao. Antonella

Jane said...

Glad you had a lovely day. Our Mother's Day is two weeks before Easter.

Valerie said...

Your special day sounds glorious. Mother's Day in the UK is far too early, I'd almost forgotten it until my blog friends talked about their happy days. Surprisingly I managed two days, one in March and another one yesterday courtesy of my stepdaughter who recently moved out to Australia.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely day. Except the ironing, I can't even fake joy over that one.

But that doesn't matter because YOU seem thrilled. Glad your day went so well. ~Mary

Natalie said...

Glad you had a happy day, Mervat. I am liking the sound of your lentil curry, is it easy to make?xx♥

p.s. cute little mandarin segments. :D

see you there! said...

It is a great day when someone makes breakfast for you isn't it?


septembermom said...

A homemade breakfast is lovely! Those gifts are precious. So glad that you enjoyed your day!

♥ Braja said...

Just wondering if the bite from the toast was "Kitchen Tax" or if you did it :)

You made me think of my little cowshed and how I wish to do a post on them so much...I have a pile of cow posts from Nov/Dec somewhere, and everyone loved them. I'm gonna get there and snap away and bring you the boys and girls.. :)

♥ Braja said...

Just wondering if the bite from the toast was "Kitchen Tax" or if you did it :)

You made me think of my little cowshed and how I wish to do a post on them so much...I have a pile of cow posts from Nov/Dec somewhere, and everyone loved them. I'm gonna get there and snap away and bring you the boys and girls.. :)


Looked like a perfect & blessed day dear... I adore bulgari perfume too the scent lasts longer than others...lovely! XO*

La Belette Rouge said...

You are well loved, as you should be.:-)

Mervat said...

Andrea; You are so welcome! I am glad you liked the wee surprise!

Warren Baldwin: Those hand-made treats were the absolute best. My son could not contain his excitment when he brought them home on Thursday and had to give me a little peak!

Isn't it funny how we hang on to those little things that mean so much to our children at the time they present them to us and which are so special us and grow to be even more so over the years.

Your post was so touching and demonstrates the sort of love a woman can have for her child.

Suko: Thank you!

Aspiring Writer: It was lovely, thank you.

notSupermum: Thank you. I think all mothers and women deserve to be spoiled!

lunarossa: They were lovely. I think you should celebrate twice. This year my mother-in-law was visiting from Lebanon and over there, the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere is also Mother's day. So we celebrated for her then. I still called her on our day too.

Jane: I wasn't aware of UK's earlier mothers day. Is it in the beginning of spring too?

Valerie: It was wonderful, thank you. Good on your step-daughter. It is great when we can celebrate something so special twice!

Mary: Thank you. Yes, the ironing still needs to be done, as I suppose life goes on! Hope your day was good.

Natalie: Thank you. As for the curry I'll post the recipe in your comments section. I recently attended a Bollywood night and loved the lentil curry there somuch I made one the next day.
Hope you had a wonderful mother's day too!

Darla: It certainly is a wonderful day when you get breakfast in bed and for the first time ever the crumbs in the bed did not bother me, at all! I sm still amazed at my being so nonchalant about it!

septembermom: Indeed it is! I hope you had a lovely day too!

♥ Braja: You are absolutely right, kitchen tax it was! The little one just wanted a little taste! The older two were quite annoyed! I just had to laugh!

I would love to see your lovely boys and girls, and will look for your earlier posts on the cows!

LENORENEVERMORE: It certianly was.
Actually they do last longer. You reminded me how my daughter and son just had to test it to see if it would last!

La Belette Rouge: Thank you so much. You are so sweet.xo

Anonymous said...

Lovely day - the food looks delicious! Ah, wouldn't a mgaic ironing lady be great? I say that, yet I'm already too lazy to iron, so should probably get a magic cleaning lady instead!


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